MSX turboR upgrade board for Sony MSX2+

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Par Retrofan

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17-10-2022, 18:58

Hi, I came across this by accident and thought it would be fun to share. I don't know if this was already known. Anyway, I was actually more curious which monitor this guy uses. Does anyone know? And what connection does he use? Very nice and compact.

But the upgrade is also very cool with R800 in FPGA for use in a Sony MSX2+. Looks like the real Z80 CPU must be replaced with this upgrade board to get R800 power and memory expansion. He also plays Illusion City!
And you even can use the speed controller of the Sony MSX2+ to control the speed of the CPU.

More information over here

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Par erpirao

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17-10-2022, 19:50

I need 2

Par megatron-uk

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17-10-2022, 20:18

Wow. Not seen that before. I want!

Par Piter Punk

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18-10-2022, 17:27

Ok, this is a hardware that got my interest. And, while the hardware is directed to Sony MSX2+ machines, I guess it can work in other unofficial MSX2+ computers (homemade, adapted, new boards, etc) that have separated Z80, with different degrees of adjusts.

It's the possibility of a MSX TurboR for every MSX fan.


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18-10-2022, 18:06

Oh, that is more than cool!

Yes, indeed, I want one too. Put me to the list. Smile

Par Retrofan

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18-10-2022, 19:03

Hmmm, there's no list (yet). I'm only sharing the news, but I'm not a distributor Wink Hopefully it will be available for purchase. Anyway, I mailed the Japanese guy of this project and we will see what he will answer...

Par Retrofan

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19-10-2022, 17:41

I got a response from the Japanese developer. The project is under development. However, there are a few issues that need to be resolved. First, the price and the chip shortage. In addition, it will not be available until 2024 at the earliest.

It works fine on an XDJ, but not stable on an XV yet. This is still under investigation. If this cannot be resolved, the product will not be sold. In addition, it also needs to be tested on other MSX2/2+ machines. The condition is that the slot mapper must be equal to the turboR and that the MSX2/2+ have a real Z80 CPU. Of course, OPLL and Kanji ROM are required for turboR specification.

Once everything has been resolved, the question is, of course, whether the product will also be sold internationally.

So for now a nice project that is not finished yet, but has potential and is worth following.

Par msd

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19-10-2022, 20:16

Nice concept . I thought about this concept too. It is kinda like having a mix between an 1chipmsx and just a ‘normal’ msx .

Par djh1697

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19-10-2022, 20:52

@Retrofan Thank you for looking into this. I have an XDJ, but, if he isn't going to produce any it would be sad Sad
My soldering skills are nowhere good enough these days to attempt anything like it.

I get a lovely, what seems to in a new condition IBM Model M keyboard today with a PS/2 connector on it, so at least I'll have a decent keyboard should I need a replacement for the Sony, I tried some Track and Field games on BlueMSX and it seems relatively responsive.

Par Retrofan

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30-10-2022, 10:05

I also asked the Japanese guy about the difference between HB-F1XDJ and HB-F1XV.
And I asked him if we can use the (partial) XDJ schematics he made and we are allowed to, see below for link. Maybe this is also useful for repairs. However, don't change anything without permission.

I think XDJ/XV are the same. However, there are two types of mainboards.

"1-628-265-11" board.
"1-628-265-12" board (my XDJ, and my friend's XV).

Both boards are used for both XDJ/XV.
I don't understand why the upgrade board doesn't work perfectly on my
friend's XV. Both are -12 board.
This is "1-628-265-11".
This board has jumpers the RCA connectors solder side.
This is "1-628-265-12".

My XDJ (1-628-265-12) had an OPLL made in September 1988 and a V9958 in a ceramic package.
I think it's an early production board.
Therefore, it can be inferred that there were two types of boards from the
early days of XDJ release.

I made a partial schematic for the XDJ(-12).

Par erpirao

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01-11-2022, 19:58

please sharksym collaborate in the project, and we can have slt-turbo with r800 fpga sharksym slt-turbo[]slt-turbo by sharksym

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