MSX turbo R upgrade board by Hiroyuki

MSX turbo R upgrade board by Hiroyuki

par Pac on 30-10-2022, 18:39
Sujet: Hardware
Étiquettes: FPGA, r800, z80

The Japanese user Hiroyuki is currently working on an accelerator board able to transform an MSX2+ into an MSX turbo R. The concept is based on a special board integrating an FPGA (Xilinx XC3S250E) which contains the Z80 and R800 CPU, 4 MB of RAM, and 2 MB of FlashROM. At the moment the tests are done using Sony HB-F1XDJ and HB-F1XV computers, not been tested on other MSX2+ machines yet. Anyway, due to the different board revisions among those models, the board behaves unstable in some cases.

Although it is still in development, the first results are promising as it is shown in this video running Illusion City. If everything goes well and compatibility problems are solved, this upgrade board would be sold in 2024.

Relevant link: Hiroyuki's website
Relevant link: forum thread

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  • MSX turbo R upgrade board by Hiroyuki
  • MSX turbo R upgrade board by Hiroyuki

Commentaires (7)

Par Pac

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30-10-2022, 18:50

Thank you Retrofan for your help! Wink

Par gdx

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31-10-2022, 09:23

Interesting. How is Panasonic mapper managed? It is supposed to handle up to 1024 kB. I imagine it handles the first 1024kB only, right? I would like a memory extension like this for my turbo R.

Par The Apeman

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31-10-2022, 19:12

My precious! I wants it! If this takes off, we might expect more Turbo-R games and translations.

Par msd

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31-10-2022, 18:31

@gdx: I think the point here is that the memory is not controlled by the msx-engine in this setup . He made its own implementation.

Par ToriHino

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31-10-2022, 19:23

That's exactly the kind of upgrade i would like for my HB-F1XDJ Cool

Par msd

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31-10-2022, 20:58

This kind of concept would be great to update your msx with some new hardware. Kind of combination between a 'real' msx and an ocm.

Par erpirao

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01-11-2022, 19:57

it's amazing where hard developers are coming, until recently I didn't think that was possible
what would be already fantastic is that hiroyuki and sharksym collaborate, so that there could be a slt-turbo with the core r800.
in case you don't remember slt-turbo]sharksym's slt-turbo