[WTB] - my first MXS-1 computer

Par erki19

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18-03-2023, 20:51

Hi !
I am looking for my first MSX-1 machine. Especially one of these:
Sanyo MPC-64
Toshiba HX-10
Philips VG 8020/00 (with separate chipset)
Other offers are also welcomed Wink
I am in Estonia (EU)


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Par Pencioner

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18-03-2023, 21:09

I have MPC-2 fully working and in very good look comdition (like was not used much), 75 EUR plus you pay the shipping (ships from Sweden so shipping rate would be 37 EUR for 4kg of weight), if you're interested send me an email (my address is in profile) and i will take photos for you

Par sergem

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18-03-2023, 22:52

Hi, i have a vg 8020/00 for 50 euro and a Toshiba hx10 for 60 euro, mailto serge.mattheeuws@telenet.be
Shipping would be 27 euro for both

Par Repair-Bas

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19-03-2023, 12:14

I have a 8020/00 for sale.
60 euro including shipping.