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27-03-2023, 15:03

Hi All,

I'm thinking about buying a GR8NET , but I have no clue how to get hold of one. Any ideas?


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Par treblig

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27-03-2023, 16:04

I'm looking for one too.

Par Sylvester

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27-03-2023, 16:30

You can order them on this site: http://www.gr8bit.ru/what-is-gr8bit.htm by sending a mail to the displayed email address. Not sure if there are already options to send packages from Russia to Europe.

Par OeiOeiVogeltje

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27-03-2023, 22:09

im thinking there will be a payment and shipment problem because of the problems russian has right now

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28-03-2023, 12:26

Indeed, that's what he told me