MSX 40th Anniversary Event in Japan

par Pac on 10-04-2023, 18:43
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Still on the subject of MSX events during this 2023 year coinciding with its 40th Anniversary such as Spain, The Netherlands or France, of course, Japan couldn't be absent.

As we all know, the MSX, like a Phoenix, is also involved in a new revival process like never before. And there is no better way of celebrating this than in the cradle of the MSX standard, Japan. It is still early to confirm all the different activities to be held, anyway, this is the brief information provided until now:

Date: November 2023
Location: Akihabara (Tokyo)

The event will include a lecture by Kazuhiko Nishi and other important MSX personalities, the exhibition of MSX0 as well as old hardware & software, a sales section, and a programming contest.

If you happen to visit Japan at that time, don't miss this event!

Relevant link: MSX 40th Anniversary Event official website
Relevant link: MSX 40th Anniversary Event Twitter account

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14-04-2023, 15:23

It is worth noting the account originally started as "MSX30th" was the MSX Association spokesperson advertising their articles on between 2013-2016.