Teambomba's DOS Moonwave driver

Par jepmsx

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27-04-2023, 23:00

I've seen that there is a DOS driver for moonwave in teambomba webpage. It uses TSR functions for memory manager.
I want to try this driver. But I haven't been able to understand how to run it. I think that first I have to run Memman to enable TSR. Am I right? What are the next steps?

By the way, I've read a little bit about Memman and I wonder, isn't it the same as DOS2 page manager? What are the advantages?

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Par Manuel

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28-04-2023, 11:23

Biggest advantage is that it runs also on DOS1, perhaps? And that TSR functionality.

Par ro

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28-04-2023, 12:44

my best guess is, MSD created the drive .. So, chime in, fella.

My knowledge of memman is super little, but I could imagen it is a true memory manager where the DOS one is just mapper segment managing. On other words, MM prolly does small blocks, DOS2 does 16K blocks only. You can imagen, I'm not a fan of the DOS2 shizl. So, I'd say (*If my assumption about MM is right), the advantage of MM is that it manages memory as a whole instead of segments (memory parts) like DOS2. From a programmers point of view, that's a huge difference.

The TSR (Terminate, Stay Resident) seems like a nice thing, tho your application has to be aware of this mechanism. A good TSR program has the ability to resume where it left of. In true fashion, TSR stays dormant in the background until called again. So, it's not active like a multi threading system can do where apps stay active and keep on "running". A TSR pauses and resumes when exiting/entering. Dunno how MM handles this, tho Smile

Par Briqunullus

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28-04-2023, 14:24

Memman uses 16k blocks as well. But it can handle multiple mappers and even regular ram cartridges. And of course it runs under dos 1 as well. In dos 2 it will simply claim all memory, so that dos 2 doesn't interfere.

TSR's attach themselves to hooks. Depending on the hooks selected, they can be either dormant or very active.

Par msd

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28-04-2023, 17:29

It doesn’t use memman at all. TSR is (or was ) a generic term for programs that work on the background on ms(x)-dos . TSR

It only uses msx-dos2 memory functies . There should be example code included to load the driver

Par msd

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28-04-2023, 17:30

Many tsr’s are your called from an interrupt hook . So not perse dormant.

Par jepmsx

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28-04-2023, 17:57

Thanks for the clarification guys!

After reading TSR in the documentation of MBwave, I looked for information and google sent me to MemMan, then I associated the two concepts.