The Lootbox!!!

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By FiXato

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20-06-2021, 03:11

Participate in the XMas quizz Smile

By Briqunullus

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20-06-2021, 08:28

Only a single incorrect answer will be enough I think.

By defdanny

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05-07-2021, 17:21

Lootbox still in transit from the Nederlanden to Duitsland. Golnebo and me are having a sharp eye on the tracking status.
Its unchanged since 19.6. I hope nobody is looting our lootbox.... Shocked!

By TheKid

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05-07-2021, 17:26

A mailman with a passion for msx haha. Let”s hope it arrives soon!

By Golnebo

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30-07-2021, 17:35

I am afraid I have bad news. The lootbox didn't make it to defdanny. On June 14th I have dropped off the lootbox at the postoffice. This is the trackingreceipt:

And this is the packaging:

I have been in communication with defdanny and PostNL throughout the entire process. PostNL has launched an investigation and the outcome of this investigation is that the package status is 'missing'. I have challenged this outcome with PostNL, but that didn't help the case. The status remains 'missing' and there is nothing more to do about that.

I did everything in my power to resolve this, and I feel really bad about this.

I really don't know how to progress. Perhaps with the help of the community we can discuss how to setup a new lootbox?

By sdsnatcher73

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30-07-2021, 17:46

Please make sure PostNL pays for the loss by filing a claim with them. They will pay based on package weight and we are in luck because it was an international shipment so it will be based on SDR, a rough calculation gives they have to pay $190 for the 7kg plus they have to return your €25 shipping cost. That makes a good start for filling a new lootbox imho…

By Samor

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30-07-2021, 17:50

That's a Running Naked in a Field of Flowers Running Naked in a Field of Flowers Running Naked in a Field of Flowers shame, let's hope it somehow ended up with a fellow msx freak or will resurface.

I don't have a whole lot to donate atm. but maybe I can think of something.
Is there someone who is willing to create a new box so we can send stuff to that place and that person sends it to defdanny? Or we could send it directly so he can loot and put the leftovers in a new box.

First things first, we need a new fancy treasure chest like the old one (preferrably lighter for shipping costs Wink )

By TheKid

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30-07-2021, 18:59

Yeah, this sucks! There where some pretty nice items in there. Lets hope it surfaces somehow.

By ro

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30-07-2021, 19:03


By hamlet

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30-07-2021, 20:45

That's a shame!
I doubt the service included insurance.
Maybe we have to take a closer look in the next weeks at MSX related ebay auctions which would fit the content of the box.
Anyway, let's start a new loot box.
I suggest, we could send some goodies directly to def danny. I'm sure find some doublettes from my collection to get this box fat again.

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