Looking for Screen 6 Editor

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By sd_snatcher

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20-12-2022, 21:19

wolf_ wrote:

Curious to what you'd want to make @ sc6 anyway.

For the challenge and the art expression? Isn’t this question similar to ask a musician why would he compose to the PSG, once the SCC+ and OPLs are available? Wink

For examples, look here here and here.

By BlueCrystal

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20-12-2022, 21:32

I did not expect this amount of replies. Thanks for the heads-up on Dynamic Publisher, Graphic Studio Pro and the GraphSaurus Screen 7 workup and conversion to screen 6.

This will definitely be low-key, but I recently came across some 1 bit graphic data which triggered me to do something on MSX again. I would need the graphical editor just for some polishing.
Why screen 6 one asks? The high resolution and 4 pages that are available attracted me. The popular opinion that 4 colors (without coding/vdp tricks) is too limited is just something one accepts or creates a workaround.

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