The 59th Barcelona MSX meeting is fast approaching and we could state that it will be one of the most important events ever held within the Barcelona meetings history.

And with good reasons, it is expected a significant visitor increase. A new location was chosen to host the different activities, emphasising the presentations by Kazuhiko Nishi and other important MSX celebrities. For those unable to attend the meeting, the UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) set up a Youtube live streaming where you will be able to follow those presentations. Enjoy!

Relevant link: MSX presentations at the Barcelona MSX meeting

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By konamiman

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27-01-2023, 10:27

Schedule: (times in Spain time zone, UTC+1)

By Wlcracks

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28-01-2023, 08:56


By shalafi

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28-01-2023, 17:59

I managed to be online for Santi's presentation and I really liked it (I could not join until late, I will watch the other ones later).

By Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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29-01-2023, 10:52

I'm going to find time to watch this. Well I'm starting right now.
Congratulation for the tremendous outcome of this wonderful YT filmed session!! Tongue

By shalafi

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01-02-2023, 00:11

Some timestamps on the youtube stream:

Conexion MSX (Efraim / Jon):
Manuel Martinez:
Conexion MSX:

  • Unepic Fran (Pampas y Selene)
  • Manuel Pazos
  • Alberto del Hoyo (MSX VR)
  • Jordi Solis, Joan Martinez - MSX Makers

Nestor Soriano:
Santi Ontañon:
Jordi Orte:

By Wlcracks

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05-02-2023, 10:23

Also a very good report of this amazing meeting.

By warmize

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06-02-2023, 11:02

Good report (in italian):

And a report by an AAMSX member (Jamque), Konamito and myself about the organisation of the RU (in spanish):