GMC #18 - Wells & Fargo - Main Theme by FranSX

GMC #18 - Wells & Fargo - Main Theme by FranSX

by Jorito on 01-03-2014, 00:13
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Just like the protagonist of Topo Soft's game Wells & Fargo, FranSX is a man with a mission. A different mission, however: to provide some of the best music of the Spanish games to all MSX fans. Of course the best way to do that is by submitting covers for the Game Music Cover Challenge. And that's what FranSX did and sent in his fifth entry.

Wells & Fargo's original PSG music was made by Cesar Astudillo, aka 'Gominolas' and even though FranSX had little time because of the deadline, he managed to create a nice country theme out of it. For a future challenge FranSX is already thinking about making covers of Ulysses (Opera Soft) and Rescate Atlántida (Dinamic).

Relevant link: Wells & Fargo - Main Theme by FranSX

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By ewsnatcher

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01-03-2014, 00:30

That's more than 75 minutes in this challenge, a full CD! (If I'm not mistaking)
And FranSX, thanks for the new tunes I got to know. Well done.

By Jorito

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01-03-2014, 00:34

That's very well possible. I myself made over 17 minutes of music, and Fran with his 5 tracks also filled a lot of music Smile