It seems like the list of entries is growing faster than expected and MRC webmaster Jorito is really going on nitro now. First he gave us some good ear pleasure with his Space Manbow remix. But that just wasn't enough for him.

After weeks of finding the right notes, adding his own, mixing things and - the hard part - polishing everything into something he thought was finally worth submitting, he came up with a very pleasant version of Compile's dice game Rune Master 3. One can easily hear why it took him weeks, since his productions keep on getting better every single time.

In his mail he told us he wanted to do something completely different than the previous entry. Where he used Renoise on Space Manbow, he chose to use Logic Pro X to fabricate his first attempt to go orchestral with various VSTi plugins amongst which East West/Quantum Leap's Symphonic Orchestra Gold.

Without further ado here be the relevant link to Jorito's - I played this game until it totally died on me - 90s favorite. And, boys and girls, keep 'em coming. This challenge is already taking serious forms but the more the merrier. You got until the end of this month.

Relevant link: Rune Master 3 - Journey to the Three Kingdoms by Jorito

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By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1790)

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10-02-2014, 23:49

I saw Meits forgot to include the link to the original songs, so if you want to know what they sounded like, you can find a recording of them here.


By [WYZ]

Champion (451)

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11-02-2014, 00:15


By meits

Scribe (6542)

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11-02-2014, 06:49

Anyone here who misses a wolf_ entry now? Wink

By snout

Ascended (15187)

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11-02-2014, 15:18

Whoa, you really went out of your way here Jorito. Nice!

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1790)

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11-02-2014, 21:15

Thx guys Smile Had a blast working on this one (in a style I didn't use before).
Hope I can find the time and energy for yet another entry in an entirely different style again.

By Sander

Founder (1871)

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11-02-2014, 22:01

Very nice!

By ro

Scribe (4963)

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13-02-2014, 11:39

Love it. It's smooth, it got dynamics and there's a nice layered musical landscape prominent. ear-pleasure indeed, thanx.

By ro

Scribe (4963)

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13-02-2014, 11:39

all is missing is a laser-harp Tongue

By Akiguchi

Hero (623)

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13-02-2014, 11:46

It's generally very well done, but this kind of pompous classical thing isn't my cup of tea (not that I don't like classical) - it's kind of overwhelming and gets boring easily. Anyway, good job with the arrangements! Smile

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1790)

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13-02-2014, 12:54

LOL, a laser harp would kinda ruin the atmosphere of the song. I'm not Jean Michel Jarre to spice everything up with weird synths and lots of white noise Tongue