Another entry for this edition of MSXdev reaches us, created by developer N.I.. It's an action platformer that immediately conjures up memories of the classic Lode Runner, but upon further inspection shows some unique strategies expected from the player to exploit. Your task is to collect all the gold on the screen. You can place ladders to reach it and also warp to another location if there's no way out, but beware of the bubbles!

Are you working on an MSX1 game, or even have one finished? Please consider to submit your work as an entry for this legendary MSX contest, and have the guarantee of a wide audience as possible, gain the attention of potential cartridge producers and even contend to win some prizes!

Relevant link: Bubbo World at MSXBlog
Relevant link: Bubbo World at N.I.

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  • MSXdev'15 #2 - Bubbo World
  • MSXdev'15 #2 - Bubbo World
  • MSXdev'15 #2 - Bubbo World

Comments (7)

By syn

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11-01-2016, 20:57

Shouldn't it be #3 instead of #2? We had ninja savior and wing warriors before.

By mars2000you

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11-01-2016, 20:59

It's the second finished game (and the 3rd announced game).

By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5645)

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11-01-2016, 21:02

By Grauw

Ascended (10679)

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11-01-2016, 21:04

Nice charming little game! Smile

By Lord_Zett

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12-01-2016, 19:18


By SuchAGoonie

Expert (108)

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13-01-2016, 13:45

I played it for a bit yesterday. It's really fun and addictive. My only gripe with it is that it's hard to see where you've warped to. An animated sprite of sparkles or bubbles or something like that, that quickly transitions from the old position to the new would probably solve that. Oh, and set CPU mode to Z80 in SofaRun or be prepared to REALLY test your twitch gaming skills. Tongue

By gdx

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24-01-2016, 09:45

Crazy game! I like it.
The game merits a gameplay more thorough. I hope you're planning on it.