Tenliner Challenge - #10 Julia Generator

Tenliner Challenge - #10 Julia Generator

by Sander on 21-11-2012, 20:14
Topic: Challenges

And we have another tenliner challenge entry! This new entry is made by new MRC user MSXvogel, and it's a basic program that generates Julia Fractals. Different parameters can be set to influence the outcome of the generated image. An MSX2 or higher is needed because screen 8 is used for the output. KUN or X-Basic is supported and will generate your image a lot faster, but this is not necessary to run the program. When the program is ready (and thus the image is generated) you can save it with pressing the TAB key. More commands are in the help file that's included with the download.

Do you want to participate in our tenliner challlenge? You can submit your entry, by submitting it as a download right here. But hurry up, the challenge closes on December 17th.

Relevant link: Julia Generator

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  • Tenliner Challenge - #10 Julia Generator
  • Tenliner Challenge - #10 Julia Generator
  • Tenliner Challenge - #10 Julia Generator

Comments (9)

By mars2000you

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21-11-2012, 23:09

Very nice ! Smile

No any speed problem for blueMSX users as generic MSX2, MSX2+ and turboR machines are boosted with Turbo-Basic !

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1790)

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21-11-2012, 23:35

When taking the screenshots I found even openMSX slow at full throttle on my (fast) laptop. When running on a real MSX, I think you have time for dinner or walking the dog while it's generating the image Smile

But still, all this, including configuration and a save function in only 10 lines of Basic is cool Smile

By BlueCrystal

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22-11-2012, 08:45

The jury is going to have a tough one to judge all these different entries.

By Samor

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22-11-2012, 17:17

pretty cool :-)

By Manuel

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22-11-2012, 23:44

Jorito: you could increase the maxframeskip setting, to gain some more speed Smile
And perhaps increasing the CPU speed also helps here.

By wouter_

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24-11-2012, 17:51

Manuel wrote:

Jorito: you could increase the maxframeskip setting, to gain some more speed Smile

I did a few quick tests (I measured using the toggle_info_panel command): with the default settings, depending on the host machine I used, openMSX could run this program (MSX2, no KUN-BASIC) at between 20x and 50x real-time speed. If I tweaked the renderer and maxframeskip settings, I could easily reach between 120x and 150x real-time speed (interestingly an old machine with a fast nvdia card was faster than a new machine with intel video). Quite impressive I'd say: cycle accurate MSX emulation at 150x real-time speed :-)

With some more extreme tweaks (e.g. a Tcl script that temporarily completely disables video rendering and turning off the 'reverse' system) I could reach 200x - 300x real-time speed. (I didn't try to change the CPU speed as Manuel suggested, because then the real-time speed-ratio doesn't make sense anymore).

By fukenko

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25-11-2012, 07:21

Very interesting one! I'm enjoying the outcomes by changing parameters.

By Lord_Zett

Paladin (807)

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26-11-2012, 12:43

good work! i think seen some of his work befor great basic coder!

By MSXvogel

Supporter (2)

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07-12-2012, 21:21

For beutiful results her some exampel values;

Xmin=-1,55: Xmax=+1,55: Ymin=-1: Ymax=+1: Xcon.=-0,742: Ycon.=-0,1

Xmin=+0,015: Xmax=+0,465: Ymin=-0,408: Ymax=-0,055: Xcon.=-0,742: Ycon.=-0,1

The second is an zoom in from the first. Enjoy it !