by snout on 20-08-2004, 13:54
Topic: Development

After the huge success of the MRC and MSXdev competitions, another MSX related development contest has just been introduced: ILAC'04, the InterNestor Lite Applications Contest. The objective? To write applications for InterNestor LIte. The prize? A genuine Panasonic FS-A1ST turboR computer!

InterNestor Lite is an impressive toolkit that allows you to connect your MSX computer running MSX-DOS to the Internet. Recently InterNestor Lite 0.4 was released. The package itself already contains a few tools to demonstrate its capabilities, but also contains a programmers manual in English and Spanish which allows MSX developers to create their own Internet Applications like mail clients, IRC/MSN/ICQ clients and webbrowsers.

Now that ObsoNET, an € 50,- ethernet interface for MSX, has been announced the time has come to actually start creating these applications so that MSX users all over the world can use their MSX computers in the on-line world as well. The ILAC competition seems like a great initiative to support the actual development of these tools. We at MRC are looking forward to the first InterNestor applications!

Relevant link: ILAC'04 website

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By konamiman

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20-08-2004, 14:23

Erm, a little correction: InterNestor Lite does NOT need MSX-DOS 2.

By Grauw

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20-08-2004, 14:53

I and guyver were having some plans writing software for the ObsoNET, so I guess this is an additional stimulus Smile.


By snout

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20-08-2004, 14:59

Fixed Smile InterNestor Lite rules even more than I thought Wink Great initiative to start a development contest for InterNestor (actually, we had the idea to do an InterNestor Challenge at the MRC as well some day), I hope some nice MSX Internet Applications will be created!

By Grauw

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20-08-2004, 15:54

Owh, seems Gfx9000 isn't allowed :/. Ah well Smile.

By Sonic_aka_T

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20-08-2004, 17:07

Exceptionally, applications being exclusive for MSX2+ or MSX Turbo-R, and/or requiring more than 256K may be accepted, but only if the contestant justifies that it is really necessary for the application.I think Konamiman would be willing to fit your entry under that rule... Maybe you should mail it to him once you have something working... I'm sure he'll reconsider.

By Ivan

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20-08-2004, 19:14

I would like to see a web browser for MSXturboR with GFX9000 (better if it supports external memory expansion cartridges).

Oh... I still don't own a GFX9000...

By konamiman

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20-08-2004, 19:20

The use of GFX9000 for a web browser is more than justified. So you are welcome if you want to participate in ILAC '04 with such program.

By anonymous

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20-08-2004, 20:06

Great, konamiman Smile
(omg, what have we started Tongue)

By Grauw

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20-08-2004, 20:07


By konamiman

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21-08-2004, 00:31

Nice. When you are sure (more or less) that you will develop it, please write to with the name of the developers and the name of the application.

By karloch

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21-08-2004, 02:18

It is just so great to see people developing Internet applications for MSX ^^

By spl

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23-08-2004, 17:09

The using of Graphics 9000 can be justifiable... but how many people have it and how many people will use it? I think we MUST be more REALISTIC... so Ricardo Bittencourt has started a new version of FUDEBROWSER for OBSONET and this is important FOR MSX 2 and V9938. Hope most of users will like it.


By Grauw

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23-08-2004, 20:10

spl: it's not a matter of being 'realistic'... it's a matter of what I and guyver would like to spend our time on Smile (and an MSX2 browser isn't part of that atm).

It is great to hear that RicBit has started to work on FB again.

By konamiman

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23-08-2004, 21:22

Will someone participate with an e-mail client? I really would like to have one...