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by arnold_m on 15-04-2006, 19:52
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Arnold Metselaar has released an update of LIBDOS2, adding functions to make, read and remove directories. LIBDOS2 is a library that can be used with HiTech-C to produce programs that can use MSX-DOS2 specific features. An extra header file, source files and documentation are all included in the package. The new functions use only high-level bdos-calls and are FAT16 compatible. The updated LIBDOS2 package can be downloaded from MSX Banzai!.

Relevant link: MSX Banzai!

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By arnold_m

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16-04-2006, 00:27

Another update has been made.
The function opendir() can now also open root directories and the current directory (


) and its subdirectories, even when the current working directory is a root directory.
The command

dir d:.\*

does not work in MSX-DOS2 when the current directory of


is the root directory.

You can check whether you have this newer version by looking at the file changes, it should have an item
* Fully support "." as a shorthand for the current
directory, allow to open root directories.