blueMSX 2.2

by mars2000you on 19-03-2005, 00:17
Topic: Emulation

BlueMSX, the MSX Emulator Comparison chart leader, has been updated to version 2.2. Changes in this version are:

  • addition of a keyboard editor
  • introduction of a plugin structure that allows adding external programs (dll's)
  • debugger and trainer capacities are added as the beforementioned plugins
  • developing of a multi-page interface with system infos, audio mixer, video settings and virtual keyboard
  • internal changes for soundchips emulation that enables support to use multiple chips simultaneously
  • support for selectable video resolutions in fullscreen mode

As announced with the openMSX 0.5.1 release, blueMSX and openMSX share a ROM database in an improved new format which is not compatible with the blueMSX launcher version 1.2. For a limited period, the old format will still be supported.

Some other, minor changes are:

  • Updated C-BIOS to version 0.20
  • Replaced the FM-PAC cartridge in all generic MSX2 machines by the MSX2+ FM chip and the PAC cartridge
  • Added a generic MSX2 machine with only the PSG soundchip
  • Changed the special machines to make them closer to the real machines (the only exception is 512 Kb RAM in all MSX2, MSX2+ and Turbo-R machines)
  • Added a new mapper for the Dutch and Korean MSX-MUSIC cartridges
  • Added support for the Sony HBI55 cartridge
  • Added complete support for the SVI-328 Floppy Drive Controller
  • Added autodetection of video source and support for the SVI-806 video card (80 columns - CRTC6845) ; this feature is also a step for future GFX9000 support
  • Added support for 192kB VRAM in the V9958 VDP chip
  • Improved the Disable Floppy Drive Timing feature
  • Added the amber monitor type
  • Added support for the Hq2x scaler (and the Hq3x scaler if the emulator runs in fullscreen mode and at least the resolution 1024 x 768)
  • Added the RF-Modulator effect
  • Improved the filtering for SCC, MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO
  • Added support for parallel and serial ports
  • Added preview of the save states
  • Added support for the .col files, used for the ColecoVision cartridges
  • Fixed different bugs (PSG sounds, save states, MSX-AUDIO initialisation, loss of performance when using menus)
  • Fixed sprite bug in Dragon Quest 2 (the title is now displayed correctly)

You can download this version of the BlueMSX emulator at the download section of the BlueMSX website.

Relevant link: BlueMSX website

Comments (11)

By Bart

Paragon (1422)

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19-03-2005, 00:22

And congratulations on your birthday Mars2kSmile

By mars2000you

Enlighted (6555)

mars2000you's picture

19-03-2005, 00:42

Many thanks, Bart Smile

Of course, this release is also for me a beautiful gift for my birthday !

And I hope that is also a beautiful gift from the blueMSX team to the MSX community !

By Vampier

Prophet (2415)

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19-03-2005, 01:49

Happy birthday Mr B. Smile

this release is awesome... I have ported the blue cheats to openMSX already Tongue

By mars2000you

Enlighted (6555)

mars2000you's picture

19-03-2005, 01:54

Thanks, Vampier Smile

And enjoy the trainer Tongue

By flyguille

Prophet (3031)

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19-03-2005, 04:27


IF the effect called "RF MODULATOR" is the effect of loosing details (sharpness) THEN it will be called like ... "PAL / NTSC norm bandwidth effect". Because is the norm bandwidth that makes lose of video data and not the RF modulation... also the norm bandwidth makes the effect of inserting noice in the colour that makes impossible to mix differents colours of 1 pixel width.... and little shadows of the chars too..... (overall when you has colour 15,1). It is more visible in PAL systems.

By snout

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19-03-2005, 12:53

It looks like I've got some work to do Wink Great work, guyz! And a happy B-day to m2k! Smile

By mars2000you

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mars2000you's picture

19-03-2005, 13:01

Thanks, Snout ! Smile

And good testing of this new version !

By Ada

Resident (49)

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19-03-2005, 16:06

Hi, Mars2000you! Happy birthday and congrats for your great work!
Just one question, when the emu is nearly perfect, would you plan to optimize it and make it faster?


By Ada

Resident (49)

Ada's picture

19-03-2005, 16:08

Hmmm. sorry, reading my post again it seems negative, and I didn´t pretend that Smile The emu is in fact 'nearly perfect', in other words, the best MSX emu so far, but it seems to demand a top machine. Any plans to make it faster?


By mars2000you

Enlighted (6555)

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19-03-2005, 17:05

Hi, Ada and thanks for your kind words ! Smile

Actually, if you don't use some features and soundchips that require more CPU resources (especially Moonsound and MSX-AUDIO), you can run the emulator in MSX1-2-2+ modes on a PC 600 MHz using Win98SE. For Turbo-R, you need a more piwerful PC.

But, we'll try to improve the performance by using Direct3D in stead of DirectDraw. Btw, this change is required if we want to support in the future also the Sega Master System (same PSG than Coleco; same FM than MSX2+; VDP derived from the MSX1 VDP, with additionnal screen modes). This is indeed in our plans, but I can't say when it will become a reality !

By Ada

Resident (49)

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20-03-2005, 10:32

Hi again!

That's fine! This project is very ambitious, as I can see Smile Good luck and push hard!