blueMSXbox 0.5

by JohnHassink on 18-08-2011, 01:04
Topic: Emulation

Source: MSX Blue

MSX to Xbox - the 'X' easily flies around, just ripping through everything, even dividing itself in two along the way. For you Xbox using folks, here's a new version of the emulator that makes MSX dreams come true on your modern home console friend. Much has been improved, fixed and changed, so reading the attached .txt file is recommended. Also, note the specific format concerning blueMSX cheat codes.

Relevant link: blueMSXbox v5

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By dvik

Prophet (2200)

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18-08-2011, 16:13

Good job. It looks like this version is up to date with the latest blueMSX core. It was I think the first non-windows port of the emulator and has been around for a long time. Great to see this project still going strong.


Enlighted (6709)

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18-08-2011, 20:48

do you plan future improvements for bluemsx? Msx1 emulation is very good, but the msx2 vdp has some glitches in the command engine and its commands speed seems not accurate. Also R800 emulation seems too fast.

By dvik

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19-08-2011, 08:06

We still update the emulator, although not as fast as a few years ago. The command engine could use some improvements, I know especially to fix the bug that affects one of your new games. The timing is fairly good on average, but it the way its implemented may have impact on programs that relies heavily on the timing. There are plenty of games and demos that relies to some extent on the timing and they generally work fine, but it is based on statistics and is correct only on averaree. The R800 is afaik quite close to to a real R800 and we have updated timing based on tests but its not an exact science so I'm not ruling out that something is not timed correctly. Both these things would of course be nice to fix so that especially developers can leverage an even more correct emulator. For generic users these fixes would probably not do anything.