Canoo-MSX 1.1.2

by snout on 22-04-2011, 12:08
Topic: Emulation

ZX81 has released an update of Canoo-MSX, an MSX emulator for the GP2X Caanoo handheld. New in this release:

  • USB joystick support (for up to two players)
  • Support for overlocking and setting a default CPU clock
  • Global setting for the location of DSK and ROM files
  • Bug fixed in the ROM file selector
  • Added F10 key in Danzeff keyboard
  • New title icon
  • Improved accuracy of the speed limiter
  • A whole range of improvements taken from Dingus-MSX PixaMod

Relevant link: Caanoo-MSX 1.1.2

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23-04-2011, 02:16

In fact, the link is wrong. Try this one: