fMSX for Sansa e200 - unofficial Rockbox plugin

by cax on 16-10-2010, 10:40
Topic: Emulation

Ever wanted to play MSX games on a device that wasn't built for gaming, e.g. on MP3 player? Then you need Rockbox, a replacement OS running on a variety of media players such as Archos, iriver, Cowon, Sansa e200 and old iPods, for which you can develop a plugin in the C language. Such a plugin can also be a port of fMSX emulator, and that's exactly what cax is going to share with us.

Developed 3.5 years ago, fMSX-Sansa is based on a way ancient version 3.0 of Marat Fayzullin's fMSX and runs without sound, but provides states saving, screen rotation/resizing and all MSX keys accessible from a special set of menus.

While you can enjoy fMSX on your Sansa e2xx portable media player as is, the main reason for releasing this emulator is that cax decided to abandon the project. As an alternative to leaving the port rot on the hard disk, he wants to give other developers a chance to make something useful out of it - e.g. add sound support, adapt sources to other media players running Rockbox or use the code to create a BlueMSX Lite port, which is compatible with Rockbox license and, if will be developed, may be included in the official Rockbox distribution.

fMSX-Sansa and its sources can be downloaded from cax's homepage. For more detailed information about the port, please take a look at the fMSX-Rockbox-Sansa README.

Relevant link: cax's homepage, Rockbox, fMSX-Sansa running Quarth

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By Manuel

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16-10-2010, 16:15

(You felt this coming....) Any reason why not port openMSX to it, by the way?

By cax

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16-10-2010, 17:13

We already talked about it. Rockbox doesn't support C++ - only C (with very limited libraries - even malloc is absent), and these devices have slow (just 75MHz, maybe 100MHz max. when overclocked) CPUs.

Here is our last discussion on the subject.

By Manuel

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16-10-2010, 22:52

Ah, right, I forgot. Still sucks it doesn't have a decent C runtime (let alone C++ runtime).