fMSX/S60 1.07

by snout on 10-01-2005, 18:29
Topic: Emulation

JR has just released a new version of the fMSX emulator for Series 60 mobile phones. This emulator makes it possible to play MSX games on a wide range of Nokia mobile phones, the Panasonic X700, the Sendo X and the Siemens SX-1. These mobile phones, all running Symbian OS, are also known as 'Series 60' phones.

New in this version of fMSX/S60:

  • AY8910 (PSG) envelope frequency emulation bug fix
  • 64Hz/48Hz/32Hz video refresh emulation option
  • Preliminary support for HBI-V1 video digitizer (special x version only)

The emulator with support for the HBI-V1 video digitizer was released as a separate release as it requires a mobile phone with a camera capable of 640x480 output. The performance of the HBI-V1 version of the emulator is a bit slower than the ordinary emulator, while it consumes more battery power as the camera is always on.

fMSX/S60 currently supports the following phones: Nokia 3230, Nokia 3600, Nokia 3620, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 7610, Nokia 7650, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia N-Gage QD, Panasonic X700, Sendo X and Siemens SX-1.

If you have any suggestions or comments on fMSX/S60, feel free to post them in this forum topic. To ease up the installation of this emulator on your mobile phone we recommend you to use Sousuke's ROMpackager.

Relevant link: fMSX/S60 website

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10-01-2005, 23:29

There seems to be no link to the x-version, but it is there...

By Sousuke

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11-01-2005, 03:10

There is a link to the x-version... at least not on jr's main page Wink
It can be found on his detailed fMSX/S60 page.