Frame rate record script for openMSX

by FiXato on 15-07-2010, 17:47
Topic: Emulation

Have you ever tried to record a video of a game or demo, only to find out the sound went out of sync half-way due to a frame rate switch while recording? BiFiMSX and FiXato have worked on a script that will help work around this by stopping the recording and immediately starting a new one as soon as it detects a frame rate change. Download and save it as vblank.tcl into your openMSX scripts directory, usually ~/.openMSX/share/scripts on *NIX systems or My Documents/openMSX/share/scripts in Windows.

The next step is to load your software in openMSX, open the console and type: record_with_vblank -doublesize -prefix "My video name" For instance: record_with_vblank -doublesize -prefix "\[MSX\] N.O.P. - Unknown Reality - " Files will now be saved into your openMSX user video directory as [MSX] N.O.P. - Unknown Reality - NNNN.avi where NNNN is a number that will automatically be incremented.

If you find bugs or have suggestions, feel free to fix them yourself if you have a GitHub account, or contact FiXato, optionally via Facebook.

Relevant link: Frame rate record script

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By sd_snatcher

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16-07-2010, 01:24

"set maxframeskip 0" don't fix this issue?

By Vampier

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16-07-2010, 10:09

For video recording a header needs to be written to the beginning of the video file... This header can be defined once only... So when a refresh rate changes from 50 to 60hz then the header is still recording at 50hz while 60frames are being put into the avi file which is still playing at 50fps... This causes a desync between sound and video

By ro

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16-07-2010, 13:25

the Facebook link doesn't match

By FiXato

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16-07-2010, 15:41

@ro: you are right, it should be

By wolf_

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16-07-2010, 15:53

wolf fixed the link and saw that the link was good