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by AuroraMSX on 06-04-2008, 23:22
Topic: Emulation

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Two dedicated developers, mth and Vampier managed to get openMSX running on Nintendo's Wii game console, using gc-linux. The code is in very early prototype stadium and not released in any form yet. Vampier put up a video on Youtube of his Wii running Space Manbow.

Relevant link: forum
Relevant link: Space Manbow on Wii

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By Vampier

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07-04-2008, 01:04

mth did the heavy lifting, I was just testing. It works great and I just mapped the GC Controller to use the buttons to play most Konami games.

By Vampier

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07-04-2008, 07:27

this is a better link:

I display several games here.

By viejo_archivero

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07-04-2008, 08:26

Well done, mth and Vampier Smile

By mjgsantos

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07-04-2008, 14:49

Great! Is it possible to play with the wiimote or the classic controller?
All they have to do now is to ged rid with the Zelda TP process and go directly to the hack, so it'll be awesome.

By mth

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08-04-2008, 06:24

There are no Wii Linux drivers for the wiimote yet, so at the moment a GameCube controller is the only way to play. It is likely though that in the future wiimote support will be added. Also USB support might be possible in the future.

There is a test version of a homebrew channel out, it is possible Linux+openMSX could be started from there. However, this channel relies on a signing bug that will be fixed in a future system update, so it's not a reliable solution yet. The Zelda exploit is unlikely to be fixed, since it is part of the game and not of the Wii's firmware.