AAMSX is well known for her active MSX RU meetings in Barcelona where one can often find early or exclusive releases. The MSX2 remakes of Gauntlet and Batman are titles that were first only available during MSX RU meetings.

Later, the games were available through the MSX Cartridge Shop, but these sold out quickly. Now, new batches are available of both vamped-up versions of Gremlin Graphics' 1986 classic Gauntlet and Ocean 1986 classic Batman. They can be purchased online for 35 euros each (shipping excluded) at the MSX Cartridge Shop.

Relevant link: MSX Cartridge Shop

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By x-nen Aivalahostia

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12-06-2015, 09:52

I've got both, Grat adaptations for MSX2, If you don't have any, go to get both!!!

By riquet

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12-06-2015, 17:36

Sonyc seems to be available too Wink


Enlighted (6692)

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14-06-2015, 10:12

I've just ordered (and payed) both
Batman seems awesome


Enlighted (6692)

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24-06-2015, 23:36

I have just received the two roms. I love batman msx2, it is super and the extras add a lot (save game on flash rom is great, and options 1 2 3 are very nice).
About gauntlet, I am still wondering on why after having disassembled the original program (it has been an hard work for sure) they decided to keep it in screen 4 instead of moving to screen 5 (using tiles 8x8 would have left the logic intact allowing better definition for enemies and main characters).
Frame rate problems ?

By Manuel

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25-06-2015, 20:46

Wouldn't it be a LOT more work to convert it to a bitmap mode?


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25-06-2015, 21:54

Not at all if you use tiles 8x8 in screen 5
You only need a ram buffer with the current PNT on the screen and some code able to plot only changed tiles
In the whole we speak of less than 1 of additional ram and a couple of loops of additional code

By ppeccin

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19-10-2017, 18:33


Are there digital copies of this game in ROM format?
I would really love to test this Batman and also the Head Over Heels remake on the WebMSX emulator, to check on the MSX2 capabilities.