Beach Ball Men Enhanced

Beach Ball Men Enhanced

by Imanok on 18-01-2016, 17:49
Topic: Software

Beach Ball Men is a fun little beach volleyball Kun-BASIC game included in Compile's Disc Station #30.

The following enhancements/changes have been made:

  • Improved GFX (some of them are original, while some other have been grabbed & converted from here and there)
  • Added a better scoreboard (the original was Kanji rom text based)
  • Added a few PSG tunes (title and end of set)
  • Added keyboard support for player 1 and changed the controls a bit just to be more user-friendly
  • Game speed adjusted (the original game is too fast, being a bit difficult to play)
  • Some bugs were fixed

Minimum requirements are an MSX2 with 128Kb RAM.
Check it out at the STUFF section.

Relevant link: Imanok MSX Site

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Comments (6)

By Metalion

Paragon (1628)

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18-01-2016, 20:02

Very nice graphics !

By Konamito

Paragon (1041)

Konamito's picture

19-01-2016, 00:30

Very fun game. I love the music!!!

By edoz

Prophet (2501)

edoz's picture

19-01-2016, 12:08

Funny game and funny idea! You did a nice job!

By syn

Prophet (2133)

syn's picture

19-01-2016, 23:00

Looks interesting I will give it a try Big smile

By Imanok

Paragon (1200)

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25-01-2016, 14:01

Did anyone beat the CPU team yet? (A least one set)

By Cris

Supporter (4)

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30-10-2021, 18:50

Hi! My win in 5 sets here:
I recently discovered it thanks to Clube MSX n.13, a difficult but very addicting game! ;)