Carnivore2 v2.50 release is now available

Carnivore2 v2.50 release is now available

by ro on 14-05-2022, 10:35
Topic: Hardware

New firmware and software updates for the MSX hardware extension cartridge Carnivore2 are available. The v2.50 update has bug fixes and new features for this multi functional MSX technology.

The Russian speaking, international hardware manufacturer Russian Bear Service Crew delivers various MSX extensions to lift the machine to modern needs. One of their king products, or Magnum Opus, is the mighty Carnivore2 cartridge. This particular device first saw light in 2017 and features modern storage connections, RAM, multiple sound chips, and flash memory. The latest C2 update brings bug fixes and some new features like dual-PSG, a wider compatibility range of CF cards, custom Nextor BIOS and more.

For a complete overview of the changes made in version 2.50, check out the change log. The latest update is available for download at the C2 project page. Users of C2 will sure appreciate the grand update.

The Carnivore2 device is available at different distributors located world wide. Have a look at the official distributors list for a dealer close by. The card is built by hand and tested individually before sending out, worth while having in your 8-bit arsenal.

relevant link: The Carnivore2 project files

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28-05-2022, 00:09

C2 becomes better and better, really.