Jorito's Musical Journey

Jorito's Musical Journey

by meits on 18-11-2012, 17:54
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Now that we have this nice music player, it is important to fill it with as many relevant MP3s as possible. MRC admin Jorito saw the importance of this and gathered no less than fifteen tracks he's been working on since somewhere around 1995.

The music comes from different projects. Some were done for the Braingames remakes of several games by Konami, one was used as a place holder during the making of a Magical Tree remake. He also did a rearrangement of Bombaman, of which he was part of the musical staff himself. Some work was also done on a remake of Konami's Knightmare, but unfortunatly this project never saw the light. Next to that there's room for some random covers, picked by Jorito himself.

During all those years his equipment evolved into what he has now. This is audible quite clearly. Here's a list that sums up what he used to create the music:

Below you will find the download links to the results of some hard musical labour:

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