Laser Squad disk version

Laser Squad disk version

by Louthrax on 27-07-2016, 10:52
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The original MSX English tape-version of Laser Squad was lost for decades until recently restored, thanks to MSX user Montagut and the SofaCas tool.

Laser Squad is a turn-based tactics video game, originally released for the ZX Spectrum and later for the MSX computers and other machines. The legacy of the game can be seen in other titles like the X-COM series, especially the acclaimed UFO: Enemy Unknown which was also created by Julian Gollop and was initially conceived as a sequel to Laser Squad.

It also features the following enhancements or patches:

  • Two extra levels from Spectrum's "Laser Squad Expansion Kit Two" have been ported and added.
  • New title screens (MSX2 and MSX1 remakes by FRS, and also Amiga and Spectrum original titles).
  • Ability to select display frequency and two new palettes (MSX2 only).
  • Removed "port FE" bug causing crashes on various MSX machines.
  • Fixed display bugs in status bars and "PRESS FIRE TO END SELECTION" message.
  • Use cursor keys instead of Q,A,O,P keys to move cursor and units.
  • MSX-viewable manual and quick manual.
  • Fixed a bug allowing units to walk through obstacles when loading another scenario after scenario "The Stardrive" (this is also happening on Spectrum version).

The restored game is available as a disk (.dsk) version which can be loaded in your favorite MSX emulator. You can download it from Louthrax's MSX game room. It runs on any MSX machine with 64KB RAM and a disk drive. No memory mapper required. MSX 2 computers will benefit from an enhanced screen 8 intro screen.

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