Metal Gear medley in TriloTracker

Metal Gear medley in TriloTracker

by Jorito on 28-01-2013, 20:56
Topic: Music

Now that TriloTracker is available for beta testing, people are playing around with it and creating music in it. One of those people is GRYZOR87, who we know from his Penguin Adventure 2012 soundtrack.

After a first quick test with the Androgynus stage 1 song, his latest production in TriloTracker is a Metal Gear medley. It starts with the intro of Solid Snake, blends into the theme song of the Metal Gear Solid series and ends with the first Metal Gear's Theme of Tara.

Apart from being a very nice medley, it's also an excellent showcase of all the features and functionality of TriloTracker. If you haven't signed up for a beta version yet, you can request one in the TriloTracker beta forum topic.

Relevant link: Metal Gear demo

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28-01-2013, 21:07


By Шотафуц Тукапу

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28-01-2013, 22:15


By mars2000you

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28-01-2013, 22:54

Excellent, but I have a suggestion : blueMSX mixer has fine tuning to get stereo between PSG and SCC, I recommend to use it for a better musical experience ! Smile

By snout

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28-01-2013, 22:59

@mars: I disagree, as PSG and SCC were 'meant' to be mono. I've never liked pseudo stereo tricks and the likes that only change music in to something that was not inteded by its creator(s). Pet Sounds from the Beach Boys, for instance is much better in its original mono version than in its 1987 stereo remaster. The only things that should be stereo on MSX (emulators) are MBStereo and Moonsound. (/purist)

That said, this medley is indeed awesome and shows the great potential of TriloTracker. I've not been able to play around with it yet, hope I can find some time soon!

By hap

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28-01-2013, 23:44

This is a very nice arrangement Smile /me likes
It even has a bit of Metal Gear Solid in it.

By msd

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29-01-2013, 09:33

@snout: You are right. Long time ago I bought the fm-stereo-pack. Only to find out they put the drums on one channels and the rest on another channel. So feature apparently the ym2413 has. This made the jack output of this cartridge useless. Used it once and never again. I think at gouda they just liked to say. Look it's stereo!
Anyway back on topic. Nice!

By Huey

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29-01-2013, 10:48

One should not leave an opportunity unused to promote thy emulator Wink

It's very nice to see people are very enthausiastic with the current state of the tracker. A lot of the great effects of the tracker can be seen in the video. But there is still much more to explore. And much of the 'trickery' can be done in different ways. (Effects list)

Most bugs and challenges are out of the way now. Only a few nasty ones left that have to be solved before a full release. But I hope to solve them soon. I really want to work on my other projects again. ;)


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29-01-2013, 11:11

Very nicely done Big smile

By Huey

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30-01-2013, 15:45

A small note on the beta testing side;

Currently I am overflooded by requests to test the tracker. I am glad that so many would like to try it Hannibal . But it will take a while for me to go through all requests and feedback emails. It might take some time before I can reply.

By Huey

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31-01-2013, 09:08

Gryzor released another great 'mash-up': Metal Gear vs Judas Priest.

(Judas Gear METAL)

By mars2000you

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25-03-2013, 19:40

Here's a proof of the great stereo sound in blueMSX with PSG and SCC (not made by me, but by a Japanese fan - 80 minutes with Nemesis1/2/Salamander/Nemesis3) :