MSX-BASIC compo 2012 results

MSX-BASIC compo 2012 results

by Jorito on 25-03-2013, 21:13
Topic: Challenges

Nearly a year after Konamito's MSX-BASIC compo 2012 started, the results are in! The goal of the MSX-BASIC compo was to create a game in pure MSX-BASIC and resulted in 5 games: Knights & Demons, Firefighter, Ninja Love, Resurection and Alicia. After the competition closed, it was time for the judges to cast their votes.

For this compo, the judgement was done by the participants, where each participant had to evaluate the other entries in the categories Playability, Originality, Graphics and Sound. A detailed write-up of all the judges' comments and scores is available on the results page, and when combining all scores here are the final results:

  • Resurection (76.81).
  • Through the Looking Glass and what Alice found there (68.13).
  • Knights & Demons (66.75).
  • Ninja Love (63.06).
  • Firefighter (60.5).

The first and second place will receive a nice prize, the game Zombie Near on cartridge and a 30 year MSX anniversary t-shirt, respectively. Also all participants will receive a personalised fridge magnet as a memento. Congratulations to all participants!

Relevant link: MSX-BASIC compo 2012 results