MSX demos released at Payback 2015

by Latok on 12-02-2015, 23:55
Topic: Software

From January 30 2015 until February 1 2015 the third and final edition of demoparty PayBack was organized in Helsinki, Finland. MSX was well represented with no less than two entries!

MRC user NYYRIKKI has entered the Old Skool 8bit section of the party with his MSX turboR demo named To The Future. With his latest outing he came in third place. You can download the demo right here. Lazy people who don't mind missing out on the magic of booting software on a real MSX can also watch a video of the demo on YouTube right here.

The mysterious Dromedaar Vision is responsible for the second MSX entry. They released Suksimme kuuhun for the first generation of MSX computers. You can download this demo right here and while you're at it, check their website for other cool stuff. Unfortunately, this demo is also available on YouTube right here.

Relevant link: PayBack

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By RobertVroemisse

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13-02-2015, 01:11

What´s so unfortunate about a demo being available on Youtube... Typo? Wink

By Sander

Founder (1867)

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13-02-2015, 22:29

It's made for MSX, not for Youtube.

By hit9918

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17-02-2015, 17:29

is the rotzoomer made with blitter lines?


Enlighted (5898)

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18-02-2015, 15:36

Nope. This is all CPU power combined with clever algorithm. Wink