The MSX-LE contest has been running a few months. So far the this has resulted in some nice entries:

  • 15 King's Valley 2 levels
  • 1 Eggerland level
  • 1 Brisk level pack of 10 levels
  • 1 Perfect fit level pack of 25 levels
  • 1 Super Shanghai Dragon's Eye level pack of 22 levels

Contributors to the contest so far are: Plapetit, Dan, Heer S.M. Zett Darkstone and the MSX-LE organisation. And there are more entries known to be in the pipeline. A few of these are in the Free for all and Level editor categories even.

Aside from these entries there has been some spin off for the competition:

So keep those creative juices flowing. And enjoy playing the entries so far!

Relevant link: MSX-LE web page

Comments (3)

By Randam

Paragon (1431)

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29-08-2021, 21:50

DTensoMSX has just entered 2 additional levels for the KV2 category. A 2 screen level and a hard 6 screen level.
The first one puts the hard in hard rock. The second one has a good explanation how al those pyramids got made.

By Plape

Supporter (4)

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03-09-2021, 15:37

Can't download DTenso levels. Tons of KV stuff. Ou yeah...
Thinking an update of my Ramses level. Actual has fails and simple too much text
Maybe near october released.

By Randam

Paragon (1431)

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03-09-2021, 18:21

Thanks for spotting that. It has been corrected. The file is now downloadable, Plape.