MSX Mansion videos and new Castlevania cover

MSX Mansion videos and new Castlevania cover

by ro on 16-10-2017, 10:42
Topic: Challenges

There's this guy, name Ollie, who's crazy... MSX crazy. In a good sense. Really. The man not only does some serious banjo ditties, which are awesome on its own, but maintains a few well worth active video channels on YouTube as well. And the best thing is: there's an MSX vibe all over these goodies.

An update on Ollie's work:
Here are two "quick overview" videos of "recent" home-brew games: Zombie Incident and Ghost.
And another Castlevania / Vampire Killer banjo cover of the Out of TIme theme. Technically this one is also flagged as an NES version but we all know which system got the best game here. :)

Relevant link: Banjo Guy Ollie
Relevant link: MSX Mansion / BGO Gaming

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By santiontanon

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16-10-2017, 17:02

Thanks for posting, and definitively worth following these two channels! Smile