MSX Paradise 2016 - report

MSX Paradise 2016 - report

by ro on 16-08-2016, 11:19
Topic: Events

Here's a written report with a handful of photos of the MSX Paradise Event held in Korea recently. There were lectures, presentations and demonstrations. The blog shows interesting plans for RPMC, or Raspberry PI MSX Clone. Later on, a games tournament was held.

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By Louthrax

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17-08-2016, 02:46

Looks like they have an intersting "CrystalTile2" tile editor that they use on the Snatchers disks to edit fonts graphics... Wondering what's the "X3" project ?

By giangiacomo.zaffini

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19-08-2016, 08:43

Indeed looking at slides presenting forecoming projects's time table is so good! MSX is futureproof! One more evidence!

By MsxKun

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21-08-2016, 19:20

Pfff... where are the pics from cute korean girls????

Btw... I hope those guys go ahead with the RPMC project and everyone of them gets one, then they can send me those TR-GT's I see on the pics (and the FM-Towns as bonus).