A second entry for #msxdev Compo 2013 has also been announced by Relevo Videogames: Super Prehistoric Quest, a name devoted MSX fans may recognize and indeed, this title is related to the MSXdev entries by Karoshi/Relevo: It is a side-scrolling platform game for MSX2 with Malaika as the protagonist. It would seem that Relevo is slowly building a franchise around the Malaika character and if the next game is as good as its predecessors or even better, we are in for a real treat.

The #msxdev Compo is a competition organized by the visitors of the irc channel #msxdev, a chatroom which aims to promote MSX software development. MSX developers like Relevo’s founder viejo_archivero took their first Z80 steps there. So if you want to enter this competition but have no clue how to, feel free to drop by and maybe you will create a prize winning game.

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By mars2000you

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17-06-2013, 19:11

A real surprise ! MSX1 experts will now explore MSX2/2+ features Smile

By snout

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17-06-2013, 19:27

Yeah, I'm looking forward to this one as well!

By mesiasmsx

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17-06-2013, 22:44

It´s true? Viejo i love you!!! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By syn

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18-06-2013, 00:49

I am looking forward to this one and I tried my best to subdue my excitement in the "official" news submit Wink

By viejo_archivero

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18-06-2013, 06:28

Well, so the announcement is done! Wink

As our first attempt on the MSX2, we wanted to make something familiar so we can focus on learn things during the process of the making. That's why the main idea behind "Super Prehistoric Quest" is to create a full remake from the original "Malaika Prehistoric Quest" (2006), using the same worlds and maps with some twists here and there, but making it full MSX2: with that I mean SC4 graphics with dynamic palette use, multicolor sprites, hardware scroll so those simple tilesets can become full detailed scenarios, best use of controls, collisions, SC5 stills for intermissions between worlds or the splash screen... and, of course, applying the new Malaika designs coming from our last released game, "Malaika".

This move could give us a two possible paths for the "franchise": the "Malaika" games, that are classic Bubble Bobble style platformers, and the "Super Prehistoric Quest" games, that are platformers in the style of Super Mario Bros and such... but well, that's just words, let's see if we can first come up with a nice MSX2 interpretation of early Malaika, and then we will see.

Thanks for your support, there is still a lot of work to do!

By viejo_archivero

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18-06-2013, 06:33

Oh, and about some remarks at the newspost, I must totally agree: while pitpan was my very first asm master, it really was at those sessions at #msxdev channel @rizon where I learned (my little knowledge of) assembler: great developers and great people there, that's for sure. Hope this game can reflect evertything I've learned there! And I have still a lot to learn, everyday's a challenge! Wink

By sd_snatcher

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20-06-2013, 00:50

What excellent news! New MSX>=2 games are really welcome! Big smile

By SkyeWelse

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24-06-2013, 15:12

Hi Vjejo_archivero,

I had a chance to finally play through both Malaika games so far and I thought the gameplay was very fun in both games, though I prefer the platforming elements of Prehistoric Adventure which I completed. I thought the character of Malaika was cute as a button, and loved the graphics. : )

So I'm really looking forward to the MSX2 remake + Expansion. : ) One question! Is it possible to make the regular bosses + Captain boss + Final Boss different colors or sprites to give them more of a unique commanding presence? : ) Afterall, they do take more hits than the usual bosses.

Thanks for making such a great game!