MSXdev - Jury Announced and Public Poll Opened

MSXdev - Jury Announced and Public Poll Opened

by MSXdev Team on 17-10-2017, 18:32
Topic: Challenges
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Hi there, MSX friends and fans! As promised, an expert jury has been assembled, to once more ensure a fair and balanced judgement on all of the great efforts that have been submitted this year. The jury is composed as follows:

Gameplay: Richard Cornelisse (Huey)
Graphics: Toni Gálvez
Sound and SFX: Javier García (Gryzor87)
Polishing: Fernando García
Originality: Germán Díaz

Apart from the jury deliberations, there is an open poll which allows the community to vote for their favorite game from this year's contest, with separate prizes involved. This public poll has now officially been opened. Please remember that according to the contest rules, only votes from users that registered before October 5th will be taken into account.

Relevant link: MSXdev - Public Poll
Relevant link: MSXdev - Rules

Comments (3)

By santiontanon

Paragon (1770)

santiontanon's picture

17-10-2017, 19:16

As a participant of the competition, this is all very exciting!! Thanks again for organizing this and giving us motivation to produce new games! Smile

Looking forward to the results, whatever they are! Smile

By Timmy

Master (200)

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17-10-2017, 21:39

Also thanks for the promotions and bringing attention to the games! It's much harder for me to figure out where to distribute and how to make the news snippets. Smile

Are we supposed to vote too, as participants? Smile

By Pac

Scribe (6971)

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19-10-2017, 04:55

Is the registering date for the poll correct? In my opinion very few people was able to register with only one day after the official announcement (4th October). Besides there is no point in announcing this here on 17th October...