MSXdev22 - Jury Introduction

MSXdev22 - Jury Introduction

by MSXdev Team on 15-04-2022, 11:22
Topic: Challenges
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The MSXdev Team is proud to announce this year's jury board. As always, they have chosen the jury members with great care.

This edition, the roster will be:

  • Micha Mulder (NL) - Gameplay
  • Tadahiro Nitta (JP) - Sound
  • Toni Gálvez (ES) - Graphics

A truly international jury team. You will find the complete story at the MSXdev original web site.

Relevant link: Official MSXdev22 Jury Announcement

Comments (7)

By thegeps

Paragon (1189)

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15-04-2022, 17:04


By Bengalack

Paladin (747)

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15-04-2022, 17:13

Congrats to the organizers! Being so fortunate to have this great list of people aboard.

By DTensoMSX

Rookie (27)

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15-04-2022, 21:59

Great Jury! Wink

By KdL

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20-04-2022, 14:43

Very good! LOL!

By M-A-D-M-A-X

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20-04-2022, 19:16

Good ! Hannibal

By tfh

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20-04-2022, 21:02

That's a nice & impressive jury... again! Smile Well done!

By JasonLee

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22-04-2022, 14:14

I'm pretty happy with that jury, very impressive Cool