New floppy drive controller unveiled

New floppy drive controller unveiled

by Pac on 17-02-2013, 17:34
Topic: Hardware
Tags: DIY

Again Argentinian MSX user Gustavo Iriarte (aka Ciro) surprises us, demonstrating his electronic skills. This time he created a 360/720Kb FDD controller. Basically this cartridge is a clone of the TDC-600 from the Argentinian manufacturer Telematica. The FDD controller features DS0 and DS1 mode and a 2x25 female connector to use with the expansion bus that is included on some MSX models. It's a non-commercial project for educational purposes, so all the the documentation is available.

Relevant link: MSX - FDD 360/720Kb blog
Relevant link: MSX - FDD 360/720Kb documentation

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17-02-2013, 18:09

What a busy bee... Now we want to buy Wozblaster & this controller... When this much work has been done, it would be shame if this would end up to be just one or two actual hardware items.

By Pac

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17-02-2013, 18:54

Fully agree, at least the Wozblaster now that Moonsound is not available (I think).

By Dreamerm42

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18-02-2013, 13:59

That price would Wozblaster mounted?

It would be possible for this type of solvent and mounting hardware?

It is very interesting that there was production because it is difficult to get Moonsound

Que precio tendria Wozblaster montada?

Seria posible la vente de este tipo de hardware ya montando?

Es muy interesante que existiera produccion, ya que moonsound es dificil de conseguir

By luppie

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27-02-2013, 22:01

Thinking of building one my self.
If I order a PCB at a prototyping site, I have to buy 3 PCB's

Any1 interested ?

By mjnman

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23-09-2020, 17:32

How can I program the 27C256? Have you the hexcode?