Penguin Adventure Online 0.22

Penguin Adventure Online 0.22

by snout on 29-10-2012, 18:17
Topic: Remakes

Kotai's online multiplayer remake of Konami classic Penguin Adventure received an extensive update with new bosses inspired by Maze of Galious and Knightmare, bonus stages and more. The complete changelog looks as follows:

  • New boss: "Lepha" from the 6th level of The Maze of Galious
  • New boss: "Erudâ" from the 4th level of Knightmare
  • Added bonus stages that can be played anytime
  • Some enemies have changed so they can shoot
  • In the editor you can now turn off the music loop
  • Added more parameters
  • The enemy bat
  • Upon leaving the store or shortcut you're now two seconds invulnerable
  • From the editor you can change the background scroll speed
  • Added capsule/brick from Knightmare (points/ kill/immunity/life/exit)
  • Added an option in the editor to indicate that enemies are unaffected by shots
  • Game can now be translated to languages with non-latin characters

Those who like the soundtrack of the game should know they can also listen to it seperately by downloading the Penguin Adventure 2012 soundtrack.

Relevant link: Penguin Adventure Online

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By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1790)

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29-10-2012, 19:17

Even though it somewhat feels strange, it's also quite interesting to see this game playing in the desert with cacti, harpi and a giant crab as an end boss!

Still, I think I prefer the original Smile