Quinpl patch

Quinpl patch

by NYYRIKKI on 17-03-2013, 12:48
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From Finnish MSX fanatic NYYRIKKI comes a new patch for Bit2's Quinpl. Because NYYRIKKI tells the story in a colorful way himself, here's what he has to say about it.

QUINPL! It was really long time ago since I last time played this game...

Yesterday I anyway booted it up on a MSX2 emulator and played it a bit... Soon I got a feeling that something is missing... After thinking a bit images started to come to my mind... In those images there was some duck that smokes huge size pot and another where Bubble Bobble is having some sort of emotional roller coaster.

For people, who don't know this game I have to tell you that I'm now talking about real commercial Japanese game from 1988 where you have colorful candies and you try to avoid cute bunnies etc. creatures. This is very child friendly as you don't even get killed, but if you run in to a bunny, you turn into a toad.

Considering all this I felt quite normal that I didn't see any pot smoking ducks or similar... I went to sleep, but today I was anyway still quite a sure that I had really seen a pot smoking duck in the past, so I decided to give this game another go. This time I realized that there really is pot smoking duck (or maybe it is egg) The game just skips the whole intro if you run it on MSX2! To see this weird intro, you need to run the game in MSX2+

Because there are so many MSX2 computers still out there (especially among Dutch users) I felt that they miss some important aspect of this game unless I do something about it... So, now I created this 300 byte IPS-patch that will enable all these graphics also to MSX2 users. This patch also speeds up loading on MSX2+, but as this game disk does not have file system you need to first make disk image and apply the patch to it.

Relevant link: Quinpl patch

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Enlighted (6032)

NYYRIKKI's picture

18-03-2013, 11:24

I actually improved this patch a bit... I think MSX2 picture quality is now a lot better.
You can download the updated patch from:

... please update also the downloads database. Sorry for inconvenience.


Enlighted (6032)

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20-03-2013, 13:20

... as you didn't update the downloads database yet, I made another minor speed improvement... (link is same)

By KdL

Paragon (1450)

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20-03-2013, 19:44

Very nice job NYYRIKKI !! Smile

I also got a new 512kB ROM file:

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1786)

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20-03-2013, 19:52

I was quite surprised there was also a ROM version listed on GenMSX. Only knew about the disk version...

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1786)

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20-03-2013, 20:24

Oh, btw, also updated the download with this new version.

By JohnHassink

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21-03-2013, 19:28

This is such a fun and cool game. Smile And the patch is great work!

By Manuel

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21-03-2013, 21:51

I always found it very hard to play and it wasn't 100% clear to me what the goal is/was and what all these nails are for. Can someone clarify?

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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22-03-2013, 18:09

Well, the goal could hardly be any simpler: just get to the door before the time runs out. Smile

Explanation of the different nails:

black - normal behavior
white - won't cause blocks to crack when you jump on it
red - explodes after a little while, which can instantly remove a block
blue - stays twice as long (unless, ofcourse, you throw two more)