Outer Heaven is a remake of Konami's original Metal Gear games (although the focus seems to be for now on Metal Gear 2) using the Unreal Engine 4. You will play all original storylines with detailed scenes, details, and locations. The gameplay will be like the most recent Metal Gear Solid installments, but the creator wants to use an original perspective like with the older games as well.
As the title says, it is only a tech demo. This means no enemies, no 3rd camera, no Snake, only the places of Zanzibar Land (with updates of course, such as new effects and new models).

Relevant link: Outer Heaven tech demo

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  • Outer Heaven - tech demo available
  • Outer Heaven - tech demo available

Comments (6)

By MsxKun

Paragon (1111)

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20-01-2016, 22:53

Um... is it MSX1 or MSX2? Evil

By Samor

Prophet (2148)

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21-01-2016, 10:44

it's nice, I guess, but that looks like Shadow Moses in not-Alaska.

I know the intro of MGS mimicks MG2's a bit (particularly the air ducts), but I don't think Zanzibar had a heli-platform near the entrance, for instance.
Oh well, creative freedom, I guess.

By SuchAGoonie

Expert (108)

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21-01-2016, 10:51

Well, you do fight a helicopter on top of the first building, so there's got to be a platform somewhere. Tongue

By Samor

Prophet (2148)

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21-01-2016, 15:09

yeah, but that's MG1 (the platform is where you fight the chopper?). This is supposed to be Zanzibar, so that would be MG2, and the chopper's in a sandy area past the jungle.
That would still make the platform valid, I just never saw one there in the original game Tongue

By Vampier

Prophet (2397)

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23-01-2016, 18:34

nah... this is just random stuff... did someone scan for viruses?

My prediction is that this project will go nowhere.

By evulopah

Paladin (669)

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04-02-2016, 01:39

Everybody compares the tech demo with Metal Gear or MG2:SS but for me, this looks exactly like the beginning of Metal Gear Solid from the PS1. When you 'undress' in the elevator and the Metal Gear Solid logo appears on screen, after this you get the heliport, just like the techdemo.