VGMPlay for MSX 1.1 released

by Grauw on 10-07-2015, 22:34
Topic: Music
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Laurens Holst just released VGMPlay 1.1, a minor intermediate release with the improvements and fixes from the last couple of months.

VGM (Video Game Music) is a sound logging format for many sound chips, which can be played back with VGMPlay on those supported by MSX. All MSX sound chips are supported, including the entire OPL range, SN76489 cartridges and the Yamaha SFG sound modules. For more information visit the project page.

Changes in this version:

  • Nonprimary memory mappers supported, all available RAM can now be used.
  • High-resolution timing (4000 Hz) on MSX turboR.
  • A more informative error is shown for compressed (vgz) files.
  • Unsupported DMA commands are now skipped.
  • Franky/PlaySoniq SN76489 muting bug fixed.
  • Improved MSX-MUSIC detection.
  • Performance optimisations.

Get the latest version from the project page. VGM music can be found on sites like, SMS Power! and the Wafflenet OPL Archive.

Relevant link: VGMPlay for MSX

Comments (3)

By Sander

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12-07-2015, 21:55

Cool, thanks Grauw!

By edoz

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13-07-2015, 14:06

Thanks! Crazy cool that there is a player that supports all sound chips!!

By Manuel

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13-07-2015, 14:51

Time for a Symplay plugin? Tongue