Wakachan's CG Collection for MSX2/2+

Wakachan's CG Collection for MSX2/2+

by ro on 12-06-2019, 07:54
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Wakachan is a very prolific Japanese CG artist that publishes his works since the 80s. He's well known for his lovable characters, that seem to be alive. Most of his art was published for the NEC PC-98 and PC-88, but he was also an MSX user back in the 80s, owning a respectable Toshiba HX-34.

Some time ago, MRC user FRS contacted Wakachan to ask if he (FRS) could re-make MSX2/2+ versions of this beautiful artwork. Wakachan agreed, and gave some tips and feedback during the whole process. It all worked out. This collection has then a very special meaning. It's both a celebration of FRS' recovery, and a homage to Wakachan artist skills and friendliness.

relevant link: Wakachan MSX collection

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By ToriHino

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12-06-2019, 20:09

Thanks, and all the best for FRS!

By Takamichi

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13-06-2019, 16:34

What the find, Wakachan even added his signature dated 2018! And he really is prolific, he has been drawing DAILY for 24 years! http://www.ateliermw.com/wakachan/diary.html

By sd_snatcher

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19-06-2019, 00:26

Why so few reactions on this one?... Crying

I really thought people here would like to see those beautiful CG drawings by Wakachan on the MSX.

Anyway, I just noticed that I incorrectly uploaded a wrong version of the Heavy Boot image on the set. That was just a test image I made for reference (mainly palette tuning) before the final MSX version. It's fixed now, so you might want to re-download.

This is how it should look with the MSX Pixel Aspect Ratio:

By Pac

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19-06-2019, 02:55

Of course, we like them! Sorry for the few reactions and thank you to you and Wakachan. Wink

By Manuel

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19-06-2019, 23:51

I mostly liked the other images, which were so colorful. The blurry backgrounds and crips foregrounds really make very vivid images.
It would be nice if there was some slideshow software included Smile So, ready to view.

By hamlet

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20-06-2019, 11:37

Well, I think a lot of users enjoy these pictures, but don't comment on them right away. Projects like the current Japanese Shoot-Em-Up, show me that our site is very well visited and is of interest. In contrast, pictures like Wakachan's and many of the music pieces and re-arrangements published here are art that our users should first view and enjoy. You will see that after some time quiet comments appear. To catch some "Likes" they should not be worth. They are too good for this.
So don't be too disappointed, if there won't be too many comments here, we all love these pictures, we all love fan art and arrangements, which make our favorite music pieces sound contemporary. Thanks to all artists and makers involved!

By Pencioner

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20-06-2019, 14:39

I just didn't have time for watching those pics! But i once visited Wakachan's site and was curious if someone would like to convert them to MSX. So i'm sure i would like those anyway Tongue

By Grauw

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20-06-2019, 21:27

I was lazy before, but now I downloaded the archive and used the recoil viewer to look at them! They’re really nice, MSX2+ really has such great and under-used graphics. I think IWONTLOO is my favourite ’cause it’s so colourful, though I do like the hires heavy boot one as well (I bet it looks even better with interlacing on a CRT Smile).

p.s. The recoil viewer could really use a higher (2x) default zoom, previous/next controls (also in the fullscreen mode), and the ability to drag and drop the files on the page rather than browsing for them.

By sd_snatcher

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21-06-2019, 00:24

Thank you for all your feedback now. Smile

Oh, and I just noticed that he published himself a test on screen-8 last year:

By sd_snatcher

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21-06-2019, 01:23

The collection of Wakachan CG images is also available at the Retro Gallery. This makes it much easier for those who want to take a quick pick at this collection.