26th MSX User Meeting Barcelona - Reminder

by snout on 30-10-2004, 00:08
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Today and tomorrow the 26th edition of the Aamsx MSX User Meeting in Barcelona will be held. During this fair a quick programming contest will be held. The objective? To code a game inspired by Arkanoid before 12:00 without using any MSX peripherals like GFX9000 or FM-PAC. Apart from this coding contest and the demonstration of the latest hardware products of Padial, several new hardware and software products will be released on the MSX RU: Feedback English (by Deltasoft), Kralizec's MSX2 port of Bomb Jack ,Yupipati by Paxanga Soft. Unfortunately, the first ObsoNET interfaces won't be sold at the meeting due to an issue in the production of the first cards. However, people who are interested in getting one will be written down on a list and will receive their ObsoNET cartridge by mail.

So, if you have any chance to visit the MSX User Meeting in Barcelona today, don't miss out on it! More information on the fair can be found on the Aamsx website.

Relevant link: Aamsx website

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By snout

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30-10-2004, 02:46

Karloch made an important correction: the first Obsonet cartridges will -not- go on sale tomorrow. Well, we can all wait a little longer with ethernet for MSX, can't we?

By anonymous

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30-10-2004, 03:11

Sure Smile

By karloch

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30-10-2004, 12:47

So many years waiting for an ethernet interface for MSX. Some days or even weeks more won't hurt!

By Sonic_aka_T

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31-10-2004, 01:11

They won't?