DenYu Land - MSX Magazine 2 Festival

by snout on 02-11-2003, 15:52
Topic: Events

On the 30th November ASCII and MSX Association will be hosting one of the most popular MSX Fairs in the world: MSX DenYu Land. To celebrate the 20th MSX anniversary, the release of MSX Magazine 2 and the upcoming MSX Game Reader they have put up a special schedule of interesting activities. On the MSX Magazine 2 Festival website the following information can already be found:

There will be at least 2 lectures during the day. From 11:00 to 12:00 there will be a lecture by Kazuhiko Nishi, from 17:00 to 18:00 there will be a lecture by Kazuoki Ono (the man who made the MSX Magazine 2 cover) and Junichi Taguchi (chief editor of MSX Magazine). Furthermore there will be demonstrations of the new MSXPLAYer on platforms like Windows, Linux, PocketPC, PocketCosmo, Zaurus and SIG. Apart from these MSXPLAYer demonstrations there will also be demonstrations of new MSX hardware like the MSX Game Reader (prototype), the one chip MSX (prototype), several interesting MSX computers and their peripherals and the MSXPC 20th anniversary model. Additionally, there will be demonstrations of prototypes of new, unannounced products.

Last but not least it will also be possible to get nice merchandize like a 2004 Calendar created by Kazuoki Ono, official MSX T-shirts, mugs and badges. As for the entrance, all you have to do is own or buy a new MSX Magazine 2.

Relevant link: MSX Magazine 2 website about the event