Halloween stories

Halloween stories

by hamlet on 30-10-2021, 17:22
Topic: Events

Surely everybody knows Mr. Ghost. And Vampire Killer. Bloody Mary. Excellent games, we all love to play.

  • But which games come to your mind when you think about Halloween?
  • The one game with the most spooky music?
  • The one game with the gameplay that makes your skin goose-like?
  • With which game would you torture your best Amiga friends?
  • Which game comes with the lousiest graphics ever seen?
  • Which MSX frightened you to death when paying the bill?
  • Which MSX was built so poorly that it you terrified and shocked you?

It's Halloween and time for your scary stories.

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By hamlet

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30-10-2021, 19:01

It was a long, dark, stormy night.
I remember buyin' a 8280 at a local seller. It was a machine in a perfect condition and the seller just settled everything in his living room to prove me that the computer is working.
When he packed the 8280 for me, the computer glitched out of his hands and the bezel shattered on the table.
Of course I got it cheaper, but I even now can hear the Philips screamin'...
The computer is still in my inventory- waiting for a new plastic front.

By tfh

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30-10-2021, 19:18

After I bought my NMS-8250, I sold my trusty Toshiba HX-10 to a friend of my who lived across the street...
He wanted to show me you could put a cartridge into the machine while it was turned on, so he grabbed an Antartic Advanture cartridge, put it in and I saw my old HX-10 die... quickly... never to play any MSX game no more...

And as for spooky games: TimeTrax. Just love the spooky music!

By TheKid

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30-10-2021, 19:39

yes, time trax has wonderfull music, I love it.

By ray2day

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30-10-2021, 20:35

Slender: the camping

By Uninteresting

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30-10-2021, 21:05

Limiting myself to MSX-related stuff only. This year, Westen House. Next year, we'll see.

Earlier... maybe some type-in games (Robo the Robotman). Level 5 in Nemesis.

I wasn't fazed by Green Beret back in the day and even finished it a few times. Maybe I was more scared when I managed to load a game from a C-tape (I didn't know anything about the azimuth correction stuff back then).

... I really should go and try finishing the Shadowgate remake on PC.

By [D-Tail]

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30-10-2021, 21:11


By [D-Tail]

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30-10-2021, 21:12

Crap, I need to make three more comments to reach another legendary MSX type

By Pentarou

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30-10-2021, 21:36

Helloween? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helloween or Halloween? ;)

I was always intrigued by SEGA's 1982 arcade game Monster Bash, in the 80's I was sure I saw a MSX port in a magazine report :-?
More recently a MSX conversion was announced some time ago, but unfortunately it wasn't released.
After that... Undeadline?

By TheKid

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30-10-2021, 22:00

Yeah, keeper of the seventh keys by helloween, great song. I tortured an amiga friend with konamis pennant race 2. He loved it and came one a week to play it against me.

By hamlet

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30-10-2021, 22:02

Haha, indeed a Helloween concert in 1986 was one of my first metal concerts. I do have good memories. So please excuse my misspelling. Wink
I edited it in the news post.

By Latok

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31-10-2021, 01:18

FEUD definitely is the spookiest game I ever played on MSX. Not only the music, but the whole atmosphere. Very intense.

By jepmsx

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31-10-2021, 07:38

The cemetery stage of undeadline.

And in Pippols the stage with the dead white trees and the ghosts. The music is really spooky

By tfh

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31-10-2021, 08:39

And although not MSX: Stones 'n Bones in Pinball Fantasies (Yes, we need an MSX Port of that game!)

By valkyre

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31-10-2021, 09:45

Looking at the 'today's history' section I will have to say 'marilla' the game that never was by Luegolu3go Studios. Its a horror story because they stole my money!

By ray2day

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31-10-2021, 14:47

Pentarou wrote:

Helloween? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helloween or Halloween? ;)

@Pentarou & @Hamlet When I think of the band Helloween, it give some good memories about MSX too; playing games/programming/typing MSX BASIC lists on my MSX while listening metal music: the big4 AND Helloween. Therefore I think it is an underestimated and not enough respected band. I still listen to Helloween today and still I am still visiting their concerts. Since a while the do reunion tours with old bandmembers. The albums of the last years are also very good. And now they have a new album. Very good album. But with Keeper of the seven keys part II they made such a classical metal album, I think no-one (not even the band it selve) can make a better one. Indeed @TheKid Keeper of the seven keys is a masterpiece!

By Manuel

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31-10-2021, 18:57

Playing Haunted House.... with the heart beats... pretty well done!

By AnsiStar

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31-10-2021, 19:05

Playing Sorcery was a little bit spooky 35 years ago.
Today the prices of some MSX Items are kind a horror!! Wink

By treblig

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31-10-2021, 19:50

I think Haunted House from the Joe Kowalski adventures is a good game for Halloween.


By Manuel

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31-10-2021, 21:19

/me hi5's with treblig

By gdx

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01-11-2021, 01:41

Nice games for this day:

- Invasion of the Zombie Monsters
- The Cure
- Ghosts’n Goblins

By Pac

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01-11-2021, 10:20

Don't forget Chiller, its music will torture you the entire day... LOL!

By FiXato

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01-11-2021, 15:37

Writing a school report, and the power failing just when I was about to hit save...

"Save early, save often" is a lesson I learnt the hard way at an early age... and yet... I still forget those wise words every now and then...

Recently I also turned my childhood Philips NMS 8250 on for the first time since moving from the Netherlands to Norway. It's been stored away for the past few years due to lack of space, and the fear that it might not have survived the transport and long term storage. Fortunately no magic smoke and apart from some keys not always responding well and distorted / scrolling video when I first plugged it into my LED monitor (reseating the SCART cable fortunately fixed that), no real issues. Smile

By Metalion

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02-11-2021, 11:25

Not MSX, but I vividly remember playing for the first time "Resident Evil" on PS1, alone in the dark ... A few minutes into the game, the atmosphere is already very frigthening and tense, and you are in a corridor when, all of a sudden, mad dogs are jumping through the windows, shattering them. I was so scared, I jumped in my seat!

By hap

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02-11-2021, 11:56

"Which MSX was built so poorly that it you terrified and shocked you?"

I broke my friend's MSX2 by blindly connecting a data recorder and plugging it into the RGB port.
(it was a company computer so his dad just got it replaced, probably lied that it broke by itself)

By JohnHassink

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02-11-2021, 20:05

Tripped over the modem cable, yanking the entire modem right out of the cartridge slot while the MSX was powered on and just rebooting.
The screen froze just as the MSX logo had reached its peak. My heart nearly broke, but the machine did not.