MSX fair Bussum 2006 announced

by Grauw on 14-06-2006, 13:40
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A few days ago, TNI announced the annual, international MSX fair of Bussum is to be held on September 9th this year. As of now, stand holders can register a stand online on the MSX Fair Bussum website.

The MSX fair in Bussum - the continuation of the legendary MSX fairs in Zandvoort - is one of the most important and most internationally focused MSX meetings of the year. In our photo shoots section you can get a nice impression on what the fairs looked like in previous editions. Traditionally, the fair is followed by an MSX Marathon. Right here you can vote whether you would like this Marathon to go on until Saturday evening, like last year, or until Sunday morning, like all other editions of Bussum so far.

You can find more information on the fair location - and on how to register a stand over here. Our list of MSX fairs and meetings has been updated as well.

Relevant link: MSX Fair Bussum website

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