MSX Fair Bussum, first pictures.

by Bart on 28-09-2003, 00:44
Topic: Events

Just a couple hours after the succesful MSX fair in Bussum, The Netherlands, MSX Posse put online some of the their pictures and a small movie of the MSX controlled robot.

View these photo's at MSX Posse's Bussum 2003 Photo's, and the movie at MSX controlled robot movie

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By snout

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28-09-2003, 00:49

Urata-san loves Heineken! Smile

By Sama

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28-09-2003, 12:04

Not only Heineken, he loves Palm as well Wink

By snout

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28-09-2003, 14:55


Urata-san loves alcohol.
and alcohol loves Urata-san Smile

By Hydragon

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29-09-2003, 11:39

Or much better! He loves Holland! Smile