LPA-PCA-V1 Video Kit for MSX

by Leonardo Padial on 14-04-2002, 17:48
Topic: Hardware

(edited newspost)Leonardo Padial informed us about his new LPA-PVA-V1 Video Kit for MSX. This new video processor emulates the V9938, the V9958 and the V9990 (aka GFX9000), but it can do more. With a VGA-output it can reach a 800x600 resolution at 16 bits-color mode. Also the card has its own decompression unit (for JPG?) and a S-VHS output. The total kit is quite expensive, since it consists of the new PVA (Processor de Video Advanced), a supermapper, a dot generator card and a DSP but it will boost the GFX of your MSX to the max!