LPE-V3858-V3 external videocard

by snout on 30-05-2003, 22:49
Topic: Hardware

Leonardo Padial released a new video-expansion for MSX, the LPE-V3858-V3 external video card for MSX. This card is mainly intended to be used with Padial's EMSX system, but with this cartridge it is also possible to change an MSX2 computer to an MSX2+ without (most of) the destructive modifications that are usually needed. A special kit is available for the NMS-8245 which lets the system use the internal V9938 processor or the external V9958.

Another interesting video-expansion by Leonardo Padial is the LPE-PVA-V1 Video Kit which emulates the V9938, V9958 and the V9990. The card also features an S-VHS and VGA output and is capable of displaying 16 bit colour on a resolution of 800 by 600 pixels. An internal de-compressor (e.g. for JPEG) can take some load of the Z80's back.

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