Second batch of Tecnobytes' Audiowave

Second batch of Tecnobytes' Audiowave

by ro on 04-04-2021, 12:51
Topic: Hardware

The Tecnobytes' Audiowave is an MSX-Audio sound extension and the second batch is ready to take orders.

Just a few months ago, we wrote about the new Brazilian MSX sound-cartridge called Audiowave. This MSX-Audio compatible piece of modern hardware is shipped with the Y8950 sound chip capable of delivering 9 channels of FM synthesis and and added 4 bit ADPCM channel. The Audiowave was quickly sold out.

Luckily, the MSX retro company Tecnobytes just announced a new batch of the extension. The Audiowave now costs USD 95, due to the components being more expensive. It is possible to ship up to 3 Audiowave units per package for the same price. Handy for groups of users to split the shipping charge.

The Audiowave has a wide range of support for MSX software, and contains the MSX-BASIC extension and musical keyboard software in ROM on board. For more information about this piece of hardware and how to (pre)order it, visit Tecnobyte's dedicated web page.

Relevant link: Web page with information about the second batch of devices.